By Royal Appointment


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By Royal Appointment Since 2011

Veritas is proud to have been granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen as a maker of bespoke silver gifts.

The Royal Warrant

The Royal Warrant of Appointment is a treasured and honorary mark of recognition for an individual or company who have supplied goods or services for at least five years, and who have an ongoing trading agreement to the households of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The possession of a Royal Warrant is an indication of excellence in service and product quality of the very highest standard.

The Grantee

The Royal Warrant is the document that appoints the company in its trading capacity, and is granted to a named individual, known as the Grantee. The Warrant gives the Grantee permission, and responsibility, for the display of the relevant Royal Arms in connection with the business. Our founder and Director Mark Platt is the grantee of our Royal Warrant of Appointment.

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