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Veritas can help you design beautiful desk accessories in silver plate, leather, crystal and stunning lacquered woods promoting your business in style.

Create your own unique gifts, from paperweights and crystal globes, to boxes, desk tidy’s and memo pads.
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Some of Our Clients

We are extremely proud to design and supply gifts and accessories to some of the worlds most prestigious and iconic brands, businesses, institutions and associations.
Veritas Flourish

Bestway Wholesale

Charity Race Day – Royal Ascot

Veritas was delighted to work with Bestway Wholesale to develop a commemorative gift for the company’s guests at their annual Charity Race Day at Royal Ascot. A classic silver-plated desk box with a race horse finial was presented in a bespoke gift box decorated in the Bestway blue livery.

Bestway Wholesale

Charity Race Day – Royal Ascot

It is always a challenge to find an appropriate and fitting gift which reflects the style and flair of a day of racing at Royal Ascot. The client settled on a classic silver-plated desk box which would remain with the recipients’ on a desk or coffee table as a perfect reminder of a great event. The racing horse in full gallop was taken from imagesof a real winner of the King George V stakes and formed the unique finial to the lid of the box.

Personalisation and Branding

At Veritas, we pride ourselves on offering the widest choice of services possible to promote your brand and perfectly finish your chosen gift. Our experienced team of corporate account managers can advise the best method of branding based on your choice of business gift, so that the final product truly exceeds your expectations.

Diamond Engraved Cufflinks

Diamond engraving

Diamond engraving is the traditional method employed by our silversmiths to beautifully decorate sterling silver, silver plated and metal gifts, trophies and awards with a company crest, name or commemorative message. Using this versatile technique, the surface of the metal is indelibly cut by a diamond tip to produce a clean and elegant impression, providing a jewellery style, high-quality finish for your logo.
Engraved Silver Trinket Box

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is a contemporary engraving technique using a laser to produce a clear and indelible impression on silver. The effect is clear and light grey in appearance and is best suited to reproducing logos and crests which contain a lot of intricate detail. Laser engraving is also well suited for engraving of volume and corporate gift orders, as the method is often more cost-effective than diamond engraving.

Hand Engraving

Hand Engraving

Hand engraving is an art in which the engraver creates imagery or lettering with the use of hand held tools only, without the use of automated machinery.  Each individual engraving is unique and allows for the character of the engraver to be seen.  The charge and lead time for this service depends on the complexity and time required to complete and is quoted on an individual basis.

The Veritas Gift Collection

We have an extensive stock collection of business gifts and accessories in a wide range of stunning materials that can be quickly personalised with your corporate logo, crest or special commemorative message to help communicate your brand or business in style. Simply download our current gift collection by clicking below or visiting Brochures, and select your next corporate gift from the Veritas gift collection.

Designing or choosing your next bespoke desk accessory couldn’t be easier

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