Veritas produces beautiful crystal decanters made in England.

We use both crystal and sterling silver to add luxurious silver collars to our classically inspired designs. Decanters make great presentation pieces and can be etched in detail to send a message or commemorate an event.
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Some of Our Clients

We are extremely proud to design and supply gifts and accessories to some of the world’s most prestigious and iconic brands, businesses, institutions and associations.

Veritas Flourish

The Ryder Cup

US Team Gifts

Veritas was delighted to be asked to supply gifts to the US Team, to be presented by Team Europe at the 2016 Ryder Cup, held at Hazeltine National Golf Club, USA.

The Ryder Cup

US Team Gifts

Veritas were commissioned by Ryder Cup Europe to design a robust yet elegant crystal decanter. These one of a kind, bespoke sets were given to the Unites States Ryder Cup team in appreciation for hosting the world’s most iconic golf championship. Each pure crystal, hand blown decanter set was made in England by skilled craftsmen and uniquely engraved with the Ryder Cup logo and event text.

Personalisation and Branding

At Veritas, we pride ourselves on offering the widest choice of services possible to promote your brand and perfectly finish your chosen gift. Our experienced team of corporate account managers can advise the best method of branding based on your choice of business gift, so that the final product truly exceeds your expectations.

Diamond Engraved Cufflinks

Diamond engraving

Diamond engraving is the traditional method employed by our silversmiths to beautifully decorate sterling silver, silver plated and metal gifts, trophies and awards with a company crest, name or commemorative message. Using this versatile technique, the surface of the metal is indelibly cut by a diamond tip to produce a clean and elegant impression, providing a jewellery style, high-quality finish for your logo.
Engraved Silver Trinket Box

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is a contemporary engraving technique using a laser to produce a clear and indelible impression on silver. The effect is clear and light grey in appearance and is best suited to reproducing logos and crests which contain a lot of intricate detail. Laser engraving is also well suited for engraving of volume and corporate gift orders, as the method is often more cost-effective than diamond engraving.

Crystal Etching


Crystal and glass gifts and awards can be etched to display your own commemorative message or corporate logo. Etching is achieved by a process of sand blasting onto the surface of the crystal to achieve a fine, indelible and frosted effect. The surface of the gift is first shielded with a protective stencil, with the detail of your logo or message left bare. Sandblasting is then applied, with the gift or award held in an enclosed tank, while the etcher carefully focuses a powerful stream of sand particles towards the bare areas of the stencil. The stencil is then removed, leaving the logo or crest detail etched frostily to the clear surface.

The Veritas Gift Collection

We have an extensive stock collection of business gifts and accessories in a wide range of stunning materials that can be quickly personalised with your corporate logo, crest or special commemorative message to help communicate your brand or business in style. Simply download our current gift collection by clicking below or visiting Brochures, and select your next corporate gift from the Veritas gift collection.

Designing or choosing your next bespoke decanter couldn’t be easier

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