Bespoke Cufflink Design

The modern cufflink came into prominence in the mid-nineteenth century when the modern shirt sleeve cuff evolved. It was sometimes a simple 2-3” band, the so-called simple or barrel cuff, or sometimes folded over in what came to known as the French cuff. The French themselves say, poignant mousquetaire or “musketeer’s cuff”, preserving the memory of the shirt cuff’s origin as a ruffle at the seventeenth century Dandy’s wrist.

Gentlemen in the late nineteenth century proclaimed their status by wearing shirts with collars and cuffs in the finest, whitest, most luxurious cotton. Cufflinks made of gold & silver and decorated with stones, enamels, mosaics, carved crystals and cameos reflected their wealth, prestige, and their personalities.

We are always intrigued at Veritas at the variety and idiosyncrasy of the requests we get for bespoke cufflink design. Whether it’s an individual, or a well-known company or institution, people are keen to express their individuality through a uniquely designed pair of cufflinks.

It’s all about expressing a personality and identity. This can be achieved through traditional engravings of monograms, coronets and detailed crests, but also through coloured enamelling of corporate logos and even 3-dimensional models.

And you could say a tremendous amount just by wearing these small precious metal accessories.

Wallis & Simpson

In 1935 Wallis Simpson ordered a pair of diamond cufflinks from Cartier in Bond Street. She requested that the diamonds were brilliant cut and pave set-in platinum. Each one was baguette shaped and formed into the initials, E and W. They were accompanied by studs inscribed ‘HOLD TIGHT’ and dated 7/5/35. These small, beautifully formed accessories said so much about the motivations of these two famous people embroiled in a major constitutional crisis.


Fabergé was another favourite maker of cufflinks to the Royal Household, like these enamel, diamond and ruby initialled cufflinks with coronets made for Edward, Prince of Wales in 1870. Veritas today is proud to make cufflinks in England for two Royal Households.

For most of us, cufflinks need not work quite so hard or speak so poignantly, but they still clearly reflect who we are and how we wish to be perceived. Like a watch, cufflinks are an important means of self-expression.

“I’m traditional”
“I’m modern”
“I ride horses”
“I belong to this club”
“I’m from this regiment”
“These are my initials”

The permutations are endless.

Bespoke 3D Cufflinks

These traditional cufflinks made by Veritas for Holland & Holland really focus on the country lifestyle using 3D modelling to reproduce silver pheasants, pointers and gold & silver shotgun cartridges in minute detail.

Sometimes it’s just a small detail taken from a product that is picked up and transformed into the wearable accessory, like these sterling silver watch winders from the bezel of a Breitling watch.

Pheasant Shotgun Breitling Cufflinks

Monogrammed Cufflinks

For the hallowed Home of Cricket, Lord’s and Marylebone Cricket Club, the references are expressed in a coloured enamel monogram. This pair of rectangular art deco cufflinks in the famous egg and bacon colours was originally made for the club back in the 1930s and produced again for them by Veritas in 2019.

Marylebone Cricket Club Cufflinks

Branded Cufflinks

More contemporary designs turn to modern materials to express their interests and personality.
Nowhere is this truer than for the automotive sector.

These wearable black carbon fibre round cufflinks for Pirelli are striking looking and display a discreet branding on the reverse, and the oval Mother of Pearl cufflinks commissioned by Formula One Management display a sporty detail of cut outposts which mirror features on a race car. Recently, we have even received the brief from one F1 team to insert real pieces of the car’s bodywork into the fascia of the cufflink, so you’re really wearing a piece of the car!

The logos also of modern enamel cufflinks are designed with up-to-the-minute stylish looks in mind and the colours that must be precisely matched to carefully chosen Pantone references. The iconic Jaguar Growler shown here is striking looking with its own specific shade of red.

Pirelli F1 Jaguar Cufflinks

Unlimited Possibilities

Cufflinks these days provide hundreds of ways for someone to wear their personality on sleeves, whether they are whimsical and amusing, personalised and engraved, urbane and corporate or even outrageously extravert.

Anything is possible, and we have seen every permutation of brief at Veritas and hopefully rise to the individual challenge of each unique bespoke request.

If you would like to find out more about how to create bespoke cufflinks, our team at Veritas would be happy to chat through the process.

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